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Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Winter will be upon us before we know it.  Now is the time to make sure your investment property is “Winter Ready” to save you time and stress on emergency repairs in the busiest months for tradies.

Why not beat the winter rush and arrange for the following winter maintenance to keep your investment in tip top shape.

Cleaning of Gutters

Autumn is a time for the trees to shed their leaves.  It is important to ensure all trees are pruned away from your properties roof line.  Mould, damp and leaks are more common in the winter months and this can often be the result of blocked gutters.  Now is the time to organise for your gutters to be cleaned to save on unnecessary repair costs.


As the nights start to get cooler, tenants will start turning on their heater.  Gas heaters should be serviced by a licenced gas fitter at least every two years.  All electric and wood heaters should also be serviced regularly to ensure filters and vents are clean and intact, chimney flues are clear of soot and all are in good working order.  Keeping up with regular servicing could prevent costly repairs or even replacement of these appliances.

Smoke Alarms

With the new season and heaters starting to be turned on it would be a great time for all owners who don’t already use Detector Inspector smoke alarm service to arrange a time to have the smoke alarms checked to ensure the smoke alarms are in good working order.

Why not contact the Elders Property Management team on ph:(03) 5480 7077 to arrange your routine maintenance before the rush.