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Why Retirees Flock to Echuca/Moama

Why Retirees Flock to Echuca/Moama

Written by Alastair Lias – Elders Real Estate Echuca

If you take the time to Google the best places to retire in Australia, Echuca is likely to be somewhere in the top 15 places in most published lists. What is it that draws people to the twin town region and how will that affect the real estate market in coming years?

For residents of this spot on the Murray River, there could be no better place to live. While it may be far away from the pristine coastlines of the Sunshine Coast, the community spirit in the twin towns of Echuca and Moama, which sits across the river in NSW, makes every visitor feel welcome.

Many people retiring here are from cities or farms and have likely sold a property that allows for them to have comfortable home alongside surplus money to enjoy their new life. As the closest settlement on the Murray to Melbourne, Echuca offers an affordable place to live that’s vibrant, accessible and friendly. Retirees here love the clubs, associations and activities that can be found and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. It also offers great health facilities and plenty of places to eat out. The last ten years especially has transformed the towns from having a sleepy feel to a vibrant food, drink, activity and commercial community.

We sell many homes to people that come here via Queensland as they quickly find the distance from relatives in Melbourne is too great. People have often been holidaying in the area for years and have already built a strong connection before making the commitment to move. Most of the time the attraction of a little warmer, dryer and sunnier than Melbourne is a deciding factor. With a steady growth number in retirees the Echuca/Moama market has and will continue to be a solid investment.