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Regional Area/Big Business

Regional Area/Big Business

Written by Alastair Lias – Elders Residential Echuca

The Echuca Moama region has seen some major changes in the last ten years in regards to commercial development that coincides with the towns increasing popularity as a tree change living destination. This sort of growth is always bound to attract interest from large retailers of all persuasions. We have seen Bunnings, Hungry Jacks, various petrol stations, Dan Murphy’s amongst others arrive in town. This is a sure sign of a flourishing local economy but we also have to ask what effect does this have on the local small businesses and why does it matter? A flourishing local business environment is good for everyone and offers a variety of products and services that can also provide an experience.

Businesses that can reinvent themselves and evolve usually find a way of continual building their service offering to be relevant and future proof. Small businesses that truly understand their customers needs and wants will find a way through. There is a lot to be said for customer service as often it’s the relationship building aspects that big businesses could not compete with that makes the difference. If you find a business that offers great service and an experience then I always suggest you reward them with your buying needs.

There certainly is a place for small and big businesses to coexist in most cases. Small businesses that want a way to advertise and expose them selves locally can do so through the new website that offers them a new way to talk about their products and services. Jump on and have a look. If you’re a small business and want to jump on completely free of charge you can just fill out the form.

If you have a business shout out to about a local business then we would love to hear it and spread the word