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Real Estate Seller Gems

Real Estate Seller Gems

Written by Alastair Lias – Elders Real Estate Echuca

Those that promise too much promise nothing!

Many agents who are anxious to win your business will tell you that they can get a remarkable price for your property. The price they quote is so attractive you feel you must place your property with them. In the final analysis what often happens is that they get an offer for your house that doesn’t even approach the price they quoted. Because you have invested time and money you are then under some pressure to accept the offer. On many occasions vendors often ultimately and unhappily do accept such a lesser price. The buyer and the agent win… but you lose out. So when you are talking to agents and they give you an appraisal of the value of the home listen patiently to the price they quote and then ask them for the proof that they get what they quote. Talk to a number of people for whom they have acted and find out what price they were quoted and the price they actually got. The real criterion in appointing any agent is proof of performance. He that promises too much promises nothing.

No news is definitely not good news!

A great agent will keep you informed regularly (at least once a week) of the progress they are making in the sale of your home. They will scrupulously maintain meticulous records and be able tell you at any time how the marketing of your property is going. More importantly they will report to you each time they have shown somebody through your home so that you know exactly how prospective purchasers are thinking. Even after the sale the best agent will ensure that you have all of the information and records you need to ensure that you have complete documentation of the transaction.