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Yet another rental home has been destroyed after an attempt to self-manage the property went wrong.

The most recent case in a series of self-managed landlords experiencing the worst a tenant can offer has occurred in Willowbank in Queensland, The Queensland Times reported.


According to landlord Gordon Lee, his property, which had been leased to a young family, was left in a mess.

Huge piles of garbage were left rotting throughout the house, walls had been punched in, carpets were stained and the fridge – turned off for weeks – was full of decaying food, he explained.

“I couldn’t believe the destruction and mess that was left by these people,” the 57 year-old told The Queensland Times.

“The bi-fold doors had been ripped out … they had even uprooted the trees and plants.”

According to Mr Lee, the property had only been rented for a few months and he had not asked for a bond.

“I didn’t take a bond,” Mr Lee said.

“That turned out to be a huge mistake … I never suspected they would be capable of this kind of damage.”

The problem with the rental property became obvious while Mr Lee was up north looking for work.

“While I was away, I had left the landlord responsibilities to one of my friends, who phoned me up one day to tell me the house ‘was one hell of a mess’,” he said.

“When I arrived to inspect it, the only thing worse than the sight of it was the smell.

“It has stuffed me up financially,” he said.

“I’ve had to put the house up for auction and sell it at a loss.

“I don’t think I have any chance to claim anything on insurance.”

This comes just weeks after a Laverton home was left in a state of disarray, with broken furniture and debris scattered across the lawn of the house, a couch on the roof, and an ironing board hanging from a tree.:-



The recent vandalism of a family home in west Melbourne has exposed the dangers of landlords self-managing their properties, according to an award-winning property manager. 

The Laverton home was left in a state of disarray with broken furniture and debris scattered across the lawn of the house, a couch on the roof, and an ironing board hanging from a tree.

The investment property had been self-managed by a landlord who had spent $25,000 renovating it last year. He told Ten News he had been shocked by what he saw. 

“It’s malicious, it’s devastating,” he told Ten News. “I’m very scared. I don’t want to go there alone.”

Director of Mitchell Property Management Hayley Mitchell told Residential Property Manager the incident was a good reminder that owners should use professional agents, rather than trying to do it themselves.

She explained preventing situations like the case in Laverton came down to the way properties were set up at the beginning.

“If the owner has managed it themselves, how good is their documentation” How good is their conditional report? Have they got insurance on the property because a lot of insurance companies won’t insure if they are self-managed?” she said.

“If we are in a situation where we end up with a tenant like that, we’ve got the documentation to fight it right to the end to get that money back for the landlord, whereas in this case, the landlord is in a position where they’re probably going to have a big loss.”

According to media reports, friends of the tenants had moved in over the weekend and had trashed the property in a revenge attack. Police were currently investigating an allegation of criminal damage.

In an interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW, one of the tenants, ‘Nick’, phoned in to say that his housemates were not the culprits.

“We did not trash the place,” he said. “That was done by I don’t know. We were there on Thursday, we put all the rubbish on the front nature strip and then I left because we were told to leave by the landlord.

“The owner gave us a week to clean up the place and then he came back with the police on the Friday and he told us to leave. By 9pm that night he didn’t give us no keys and no nothing and we left.”

The tenant said he had been evicted for being a couple of months behind in paying his rent, but refuted allegations that friends of the tenants were behind the act.

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