NSW Swimming Pool Register

New South Wales Swimming Pool Register Implementation.

The new pool legislation for Queensland was introduced several years ago now, it seems as though the New South Wales Government are stepping up as they introduce a Swimming Pool Register for all properties. No legislative changes have been made, instead the Swimming Pool Register is an addition to ensure the safety of all occupants of a property (in particular infants/minors) and guests. It is the landlord/pool owners responsibilty to ensure that their pool is inspected and certified under the Swimming Pool Register, at an appropriate time.

It is apparent that the Government is giving power to the people (landlords), allowing them to register online themselves, answer a four question survey, depending on the answers provided, they will then send the landlord a checklist and it is up to the landlord to inspect their pool. After a registration form is complete and the inspection, a registration certificate will then be provided to the landlord confirming their place on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

There are nine checklists that are available to landlords, depending on the type of pool/spa they have on their property. The nine checklists include:

Indoor Pool – Used for all indoor pools, including spas that do not have a lockable child-resistant lid
Spa – Used for all spa pools except indoor spa pools
Outdoor Pool 1 – Used for outdoor pools built before 1 September 2008 that are not on waterfront, large-sized or small-sized properties
Outdoor Pool 2 – Used for outdoor pools that were built between 1 September 2008 and 30 April 2013 that are not waterfront, large-sized or small-sized properties. Applies to all pools built between 1 July 2010 and 30 April 2013 regardless of the property type
Outdoor Pool 3 – Used for outdooe pools built after 1 May 2013
Portable or Inflatable Pool – Used for all portable or inflatable pools
Outdoor Pool Waterfront Property – Used for outdoor pools that are not spas or portable/inflatable pools built on waterfront properties
Outdoor Pool Large Property – Used for outdoor pools that are not spas or portable/inflatable pools that are built on properties of 2 hectares or greater in size
Outdoor Pool Small Property – Used for all outdoor pools that are not spas or portable/inflatable pools built on properties that are less than 230sqm in size
Pools can be inspected under the following circumstances:

When the inspection is compulsory due to the property type, for example if there is a multi-occupancy in place or if the accomodation is solely for tourist and visitors.
As part of the councils locally adopted inspection program.
Before the property can be sold or leased (applies from the 29th of April 2014).
At the landlords/pool owners request.
For the first two listed, a council officer will be in contact with the landlord/pool owner to make an appointment to complete the inspection. For the last two listed, it is the landlord/pool owners responsibility to appoint a private pool certifier or their local council if they do require a pool compliance certificate.

This is a crucial step the NSW Government have made in order to ensure the importance of Pool Safety is recognized and appreciated by all landlords/pool owners across the State. Moreover, by giving the landlords/pool owners the responsibility of completing majority of the process themselves, it will in turn educate them on the dangers of not abiding by the law and legislation put in place.

So what will your agency do to ensure that your investors are aware of the register?

What does this mean for Property Managers that have properties with pools, under management?

Ensure your investors are up to date with the changes put in place –

Provide them with the information as an inclusion with their statements
Make a quick phone call advising them
Send it out via an email
Place it in your agencies newsletter
It is important that investors are aware, and all in good time for this years warmer weather!

Find out more below by clicking the link on how to register pools and for further information.

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