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Published on August 22nd, 2016

News for Strata Owners and Managers

It’s official – the new strata laws start on 30 November. These reforms will give people living in strata apartments and townhouses the tools to effectively run their strata scheme and shape their own by-laws (rules).

The new laws simplify processes for owner renovations, meetings and administering schemes. They also make it possible for tenants to be involved in strata meetings, in certain circumstances. 

Some of the new requirements have a transition period to provide time to comply. An example is that strata schemes have 12 months to review their existing by-laws.

The new laws do not force strata schemes to allow pets or ban smoking. The model by-laws will provide a guide only – it is up to each strata community to decide on their own by-laws, with any changes requiring 75% of votes in favour at an owners corporation meeting. Also, even if a strata scheme chooses to become ‘pet-friendly’, a tenant still needs the landlord’s permission to keep a pet.       

If you own, rent or manage strata, become informed and help your strata scheme or clients to prepare by sharing the link to our Major changes to strata laws page, which is downloadable as a fact sheet . You can also read the media release: A new era for strata.


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